Arduino Day 2014

HackerSPACE Trivandrum celebrated Arduino day, 29th of March 2014 with a free public workshop on Arduino for girls and a hackathon to develop sensory interactive tools for autistic children. Four girls joined for the workshop including one from neighbouring state TamilNadu. Workshop was followed by the Hackethon.

Aim of the Hackethon was to develop a set of interactive activities for autistic children. Members of HackerSPACE and new comers joined together to discuss various ideas.

“Bird Nest”, was artificial birds nest. Bird will sing when a child come near to it. A model was created with Proximity sensor, and Mozzi arduino library for audio synthesis. We could complete prototype.

Another group came up with an arudio based controller for RGB LED strip. They started working on a sound visualisation tool with Processing and Arduino. It could not be completed by evening.

Blending up of a workshop and hands on development made “Arduino day” exciting for new comers.



Rency Amir

Nirupama Mariam Abraham

Reshma. R

Sairath. N


Kevin Martin

Renjith Rajkumar

Rijoy. V

Binu Abraham

Ganesh. H

Mohammed Shameer